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Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (Diversified)

CMT is the cornerstone of the chiropractic treatment. This is used after a thorough examination is done to identify dysfunction in the normal weight bearing or movement pattern in the neuromusculoskeletal system. At Sliney Chiropractic we utilize manual techniques to correct those dysfunctions.

Stretching/Strengthening Exercise Rehabilitation

These supplementary therapies are necessary for facilitating a faster healing time as well as fully rehabilitating from an injury. This will also help maintain normal structure and help prevent injury in the future.

Soft Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Therapy

Soft tissue work helps reduce muscle tension and normalize the movement pattern of muscle groups. This also helps prepare the body for the chiropractic adjustment and allows for the best possible response to care.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

These suggestions can be made in terms of dietary changes whether it be in an effort to lose weight, reduce inflammatory processes in the body, or both. This advice could be in the way of vitamin or nutritional supplements to help with joint health, fatigue, or overall wellness. Finally there could be exercise or activity advice to help with energy levels, weight loss, or just overall an overall positive feeling for oneself. All this will be done in with your health history in mind and in conjunction with any other treating health care professional.

High Volt Galvanic Current/Interferential Current (Electric Muscle Stimulation)

At Sliney Chiropractic we have machines with the ability to utilize a number of electrical modalities depending on the clinical need. There is the ability to reduce muscle spasm, decrease pain, and help to facilitate the reduction in inflammation. Depending on the clinical judgement of the doctor the best modality for your condition will be used.

Heat or Ice Therapy

These therapies are used depending on the timeframe of the injury or the nature of the complaint. This will depend on the best clinical judgement of the doctor.


Microcurrent energy is similar to the energy inside the body. Micro-currents are one-millionth the strength of household current. They are compatible with the body’s bioelectrical communication system and support the self-healing feedback mechanism already present at the cellular level. The effects of micro-currents on the healing process has been documented in the scientific literature for many years.

When this energy is introduced into the cells, circulation, lymphatic drainage, waste product removal, cellular metabolism improve. The flow of other forms of biological energy similar to chi or vital force is accelerated. Acidic waste products are flushed from the tissues and the body’s healing powers are accentuated. This results in an accelerated healing response at the cellular level, leading to reduction of pain and improved function.

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There are many terrific testimonials from patients and healthcare professionals and we would be happy to direct you to those upon request.

Kinesio Taping

Click HERE to visit the Kinesio Taping Association International website and learn more about this method

Ellipsoid Distraction/Traction Therapy

By utilizing a device called the posture pump, we are able to distract or traction the joints open and decompress the nerves as they exit the spine. This can help with conditions such as pinched nerves, disc injuries, and stenosis. It also helps correct abnormal curvatures of the spine such as hypo or reversal of the normal lordosis in the spine.

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